Maui Trip Report

Maui Trip Report

Post by John Wrig » Wed, 12 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Just got back from 15 days on the Valley Isle and nearby
waterways.  Here's the scoop:

Me: 6'1" 185 lbs

6/24    skunked at Kanaha
6/25    skunked again
6/26    totally calm
6/27    tried a 6.0 at Kanaha but it wasn't enough
6/28    5.0 at Kanaha
6/29    5.0 at Kanaha
6/30    6.0 at Kanaha
7/1     6.0 at Kihei (Maui Sunset)
7/2     5.0 at Kanaha
7/3     6.0 at Kanaha (I was overpowered but too lazy to rerig)
7/4     5.0 then 4.3 at Kihei
7/5     5.0 at Kanaha
7/6     5.0 at Kanaha
7/7     4.3 at Kihei
7/8     4.3 then 3.6 then sat on beach at Kihei
7/9     home again

More details - Stayed at the Maui Sunset in Kihei.  Rented boards
only from Maui Windsurf and took rigs.  Rented a van from Maui
Windsurfing Vans, Inc. and was pleased to be able to store and haul
all the gear inside (there were three of us and all our gear fit
quite easily).  Rates are cheaper than minivans and most cars
from the major companies.  Hi to Steve from Indiana.  Warm water
(80 degrees F) so I didn't wear my wetsuit after the first few
days of sweltering.  No major injuries this trip fortunately.



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