San Diego: Save Bahia Point! Rally and Hearing

San Diego: Save Bahia Point! Rally and Hearing

Post by Rolf Schreib » Sun, 10 Nov 1996 04:00:00

[ Note: This is really San Diego, CA specific... please pardon the wide
  distribution, but we're trying to get to as many lurkers as possible ]

First the issue at hand:

        Bahia Point by the Bahia Hotel is slated to have its parking
        area removed and the land given up to additional hotel rooms for
        the Bahia and a bike path. This means you'll have to cart your gear
        from the parking lots on the south side of West Mission Bay Drive
        and across that busy street if you still want to sail there.

This is just a quick notice to let people know that there will be
a couple of important events in the "Save Bahia Point" movement in
next week.

Sunday, November 10: Save Bahia Point Rally, 11am at the Bahia Point entrance

Friday, November 15: California Coastal Commission Hearing on the Bahia Point
                     issues. Starts at 9am at the Radisson Hotel in
                     Mission Valley

For more information on both the aforementioned events and additional
background surrounding the Bahia Point access issue, please check out
the "In the News" section of the San Diego Windsurfing Association's
home page at:

Mission Bay has very few prized windsurfing launch areas - please support
us in our cause to retain one of our best launch areas!


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