SF Bay - Learn to windsurf really cheap

SF Bay - Learn to windsurf really cheap

Post by Bill Mosel » Sat, 05 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Hey all,

Know anyone around the San Francisco Bay Area that wants to get into
windsurfing but doesn't want to shell out the big bucks for equipment just yet?
Want them to quit borrowing your new sails?  Have a spouse that want's to learn
but you also want to protect your marriage?

Located in Berkeley, The Cal Sailing Club isn't Vela with rows of brand new
equipment, but where else can you sail all you want for $15 a month?  That's
right, $45 for a three month membership for all the sailing and windsurfing you
like, lessons included.

Berkeley is a great place to learn with its protected inner bay, and easy dock
launch.  We offer windsurfing lessons on Satudays, but there is almost always
people around to give pointers.  Our advanced equipment is top-notch, too.

Tell a friend, and come check us out.  Stop by the club for our open house the
first full weekend of every month.  We are located at the foot of University
Ave. just south of the Berkeley Marina.  Get more info at our web site

BTW - we are a non-profit club and we depend a lot on donations.  If you are in
the area and have any equipment in good shape and don't want to spend a day
sitting around at a swap meet trying to sell, contact me at the email address

Bill Moseley