Sailing CAPE HATTERAS in June

Sailing CAPE HATTERAS in June

Post by Kretchme » Thu, 11 Jun 1998 04:00:00

What about Cape Cod?  June is usually wnidier there than at Hatteras.


Sailing CAPE HATTERAS in June

Post by Harold Blakne » Thu, 11 Jun 1998 04:00:00


> Hi everybody,

> I'm going to cape hatteras next week.
> Question: Am I doing the right thing in terms of timing? Does it blow
> at Hatteras at this time of year?

Hummm, I wouldn't "bet" on it, but it could be good if the thermals work, but so
far this year it has been pretty slim for those SW hot thermals. The water temp is
now around 70 so shorties are a good call for the ocean (at least last weekend
was). If we do get a strong hot high pressure, it should blow on the ocean as well
since the water temp is up, but you might just end up*** around though if
you're only going for a week.

> Can anybody suggest an alternative destination which would be
> better for this time of year. I live in New York and the place should  be
> within a 1 day driving distance.

I've seen quite a few charts and stats (from the w/surfing mags) that say that
Cape Cod might have a better percentage of wind this time of year. (I don't know
personally though)

> Also, I would appreciate some pointers of what to do and NOT to do at
> Hatteras. (where to stay, where to rent, camping places, money saving tips etc
> ).

Boy, a lot to be said here, but some of the don'ts are:-Don't drive on the beach
w/o 4wd and if you have one let the air down to 20lb and never drive on the dunes
or disturb any of the vegetation. This is "federal" park properties so fines are
not as pleasant.

-Lots of places to rent stuff depending on where your staying nags head or buxton
area. Not quite setup like the Caribbean (not rigged and ready to go), but the
shops are there and can find you something to use.
-Camping in buxton area: Federal-Cape Point, Frisco Campground. Private-Frisco
Woods, Cape Woods, Sands of Times plus others too.
-Money savings: buy groceries at the food lion and cook out or buy deli stuff.
There are cheap restaurants around, but a grocery store is the best bet if you
have the facilities to put it together.

Lots of nature stuff to do (in the buxton area), but they are *not* city type
things. there is fishing, beach walking, bird watching, swimming and "remote"
stuff like that, but very little night life...nags head (50miles) does have stuff
going on at night.

> P.S :


> but did not mention that I'd be literally
> sitting on the beach dreaming about getting  any wind at all.

That could  happen in Hatteras, but I personally enjoy just being outdoors and
away from the busy life in the city. imo, I just enjoy sitting on the beach and
watching the birds fly by and the dolphins and ducks swim around. Sailing there is
just a bonus...but that is me.

Have a great time and I wish you some good wind. Might even see ya there (on the

ps drive carefully, 95 is a madhouse.