Ilse De La Madeleine - Trip Report

Ilse De La Madeleine - Trip Report

Post by Kevin J Spe » Wed, 31 Aug 1994 23:53:25

        Trip report for August 13 thru August 27.

                We originated in NH and stayed on both Prince Edward Island
        (PEI) and the Iles de la Madeliene (IDM). Driving distance from
        seacoast NH to The ferry crossing to PEI was about 550 miles. The
        ferry crossing is free when crossing from New Brunswick to PEI.
        You are charged upon return. The return cost was 30.00 for 2 ***s
        and a car. Driving distance from Borden, PEI to Souris, PEI to get the
        ferry to IDM is about 1 1/2 hours. The crossing takes about 5 1/2
        hours and leaves at 2:pm on most days.  Other days there is also a
        2 AM crossing. Cost of this ferry is 4.50 per foot for a vehicle and
        30 per person each way. Total round trip cost was thus 300.00 (CAN)
        for us.


                On PEI we stayed in the PEI national park campgrounds at
        Rustico. We were traveling in a VAN/RV camper and did not use a
        tent. We were surpised to find that in mid-August some of the
        campgrounds were closing up for the season. However, there was
        never any trouble finding a spot.

                On IDM we stayed at the Gross Cap campground. This too was
        mostly empty.

                In both places we found very clean bath/showers.

        The Wind.

                Upon arrival in PEI on Sunday August 14 from 6:00 PM
        until the end of Wednesday I sailed mostly a 4.6. Monday was a little
        lighter and I was on the 5.1. Wednesday was the strongest, was on
        my 4.4 wave and Dill 7'10". Most of the sailing was in SW winds
        and we sailed Rustico Bay for that. This bay is very shallow in close
        to shore but does get deep about 100 yards out. VERY WEEDY. No weed
        fin, don't bother sailing here. On More Westerly winds sailing is
        at Covehead harbor in Stanhope. This is ocean side and gives side
        side-on winds, port tack out.

                Left for IDM on Thursday, Did not have any wind Thursday,
        Friday, or Saturday. Sunday had good wind. sailed 3.9 on the Dill
        all morning on the inside bay. Dead flat, very shallow water all
        around. Also, lots of weeds. Need the weed fin here. In the
        afternoon, I sailed on the open bay in very strong 3.9 winds. This
        gave good ocean, side-on, starboard tack out sailing. Monday,
        Tuesday, no wind. Returned to PEI.

                Wednesday no wind. Thursday saw very light 5.1 sailing. Most
        everyone else was out on 6.4 to 7.5's. Friday, Saturday had good
        forecasts but never really happened. We left for home.

        The Sites:

                We truley loved PEI. The people, the places were all very nice.
        We could have stayed there forever. IDM was also very pretty. What
        we did not expect, or understand, was thet IDM is very much a
        French island. We do not speak french and at times felt very much
        out of it. 99 % of the sailors here are from French Quebec. I do
        not want to risk getting flamed here but I found them, the visting
        french Quebec sailors, to be very offish towards me. I understand
        that the language is a natural barrier but not so much as a wave
        or smile. I met only one other American sailor from Rhode Island.
        This would not be the place to go as a solo sailor if this
        kind of situation makes you uncomfortable.


                As a pure windurfing trip this would have to be rated poor.
        The one day I had wind on IDM, they had the same wind on PEI. From
        reading the posting here upon return, the same wind was at Kalmus.
        I would probably not pay the ferry price to get to IDM. I would
        prefer to stay in PEI. The sailing is probably just as good, with
        not as many different typesa of launches as IDM, and the people
        are friendlier. There is a project underway to build a bridge between
        PEI and New Brunswick to replace the ferry. This has just started
        and I imagine it will be a number of years before completed. I'm
        afraid this will totally change the feel of PEI. SO go now.

                For other than wind, my fiance and I had a great time. Ran
        1 to 2 hours every day. Got up late, went to bed early, and ate
        a lot of seafood. On the down side, we could never find really good
        ice cream.


                Robin from PEI. DId the wind ever pick up Saturday
        PM ????


* University Of New Hampshire
* Equipment: 9'0 HiPerTech,Stinger,Dill 7'10",Fiberspar,Sailworks,Rushwind.