WANTED:Used Board(9'-9'10")

WANTED:Used Board(9'-9'10")

Post by D'ALBUQER » Tue, 18 Oct 1994 05:10:33

I am looking for a used board suitable for a 177lb windsurfer as a
transition to short board sailing. I have had enough experience with boards
with daggerboards and I have mastered jibes and waterstarts on them. I was
considering buying a transition board, but I have heard they had a bad
reputation. So I am not really sure about what I should continue with.

As a foreigner in the US I do not know much about US brands or the quality
of custom boards. That is why it is only Fanatic/Mistral/F2/Seatrand/Bic
brands that I consider buying. I am ready to pay up to $500 overall for board
models of 1990-1994 of these brands + a good sail (6.0-6.5).

I am willing to take the equipment back to my country, Turkey, in December
and I have no idea about how much they would charge me for transportation
if I declared the equipment as part of my luggage.

If you can help me with any of the topics above, please contact me at:

>Cem M. Albukrek

>tel: (716) 2741401

Thank you in advance.