No-Nose Boards

No-Nose Boards

Post by SideO » Fri, 21 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I think what you have to keep in mind is that a "no-nose" board is a
radically different style board than traditional boards of years past.  If
you change boards you will have to change your sailing style also.  That
is easier for some people than others.  Some people absolutely cannot
change, nor do they want to.  
   Also, if you don't have a modern, stable, low aspect sail then don't
get a no-nose board.  The boards are sensitive and its the advances of all
the equipment in the past few years (not just the board) that has created
the ability for these boards to work.  Also you should lower your boom by
1-2" if you used to have your track way forward because now your rig wont
be raked as far back and will be close right in front of you.  It's all
about re-establishing a comfortable position with your stuff.
   There are many versions of no-noses out there too.  you can go extreem
and have the wide point way back and stand 6" off the tail for snappy
little waves and chop or you can pull everything forward a few inches if
you feel you are too on the tail.  If you sail mast high Ho'okipa then you
need to be able to get your weight forward and on the rail, thus your wide
point, stance, and track will be pulled forward with a thin drawn out
profile.  If you sail 3 foot onshore you can get away with a thick tail
and wide point and stance way back with a curvy outline.
    Bottom line, though, is that tomorrow at Ho'okipa there will be 40
guys out doing things that were incomprehensible 4 years ago and not one
person will be on boards with wide points forward of center.  They work.

No-Nose Boards

Post by Colas Nahab » Sat, 22 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Goudie) writes:

|> I don't like them either.  I find them unpleasant in bump and jump
|> conditions.
|> the board).  I think having the thicher tail

Well, I think we were speaking of *WAVE* boards. Wave no-nose dont have
thicker rails than classic shapes (in fact my current AHD 267 exocet and
custom have both thinner rear rails than my previous classic boards).
Slalom no-nose are another thing :-)

Also, I think you should be aware of the volume, compare boards with same
volume. If you compare a 80l classic to a 70l no-nose of course you will
find them more difficult in waves.

BUT, if you mean by B&J conditions just going straight, jumping and
jibing I agree, no-nose wont bring you anything.

|> We should take a poll, would you buy another no-nose board?

Yes. Wave no-noses (mid point near center, not an extreme slalom no-nose).



No-Nose Boards

Post by Paul Billing » Tue, 25 Apr 1995 04:00:00


> But: in "gnarly" conditions, old boards are easier to handle. In scary
> waves it is easy to play it safe with the old boards... just sink the tail.

With big waves, the increased rocker of no-noses avoid stuffing the nose when
you get to the bottom of the wave.  They are also easier to control in the
air (esp. when windy).  They really do plane much quicker.

Paul -- US366 (Maui)


No-Nose Boards

Post by Walter Clar » Tue, 25 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I think the choice of no-nose or traditional is one of the riders
skill level and their style.

I have 2 no-nose slalom boards.  They are very fast and will rip a
jibe so fast and at such high speeds it leaves my head spinning.
Riding them successfully required that I change my style a lot
however.  First I must stay much more over my feet and I need to
drive the board forward to stay in control. If I kick out like I
used to do on my traditional shapes I tend to catch the leward rail
and spin out frequently. So my style has to be much more "agressive".
Some photos I have of me sailing in 20-25 mph winds my knees are bent
about 90 degrees and my shins and back are almost vertical. In flat
water and moderate chop, at my present skill level these are the most
fun per pound I have ever had.  When things get really choppy or I
wave sail, my skills are not presently sufficient to manage the
speed and high strung nature of a nonose. Then I prefer to fall back
to a good old glass wave board.  I am sure as my wave and big chop
skills improve I will migrate more to high performance no-nose shapes
just to keep the adrenalin pumping.