Midwest wind

Midwest wind

Post by David C. Tro » Fri, 13 Jul 1990 14:16:45

        Well, the end of a great 5.5 day with some 3.5 sailing, and tomarrow
        is going to be 20-30kts. Where am I? The Gorge? Nope. WISCONSIN?!


        Look on your maps boys and girls, see the 'thumb' of Wisconsin jutting
        out into Lake Michigan? Come amd visit! And have some GREAT sailing.
        (come to think about it, I should start a 'wind ranch' here in Door
        County.! :-)

        anyone on the Net going to be at the gorge from Mid Aug to Sept? We'll
        be camping at Wind Ranch (again :-( ), look for a bronze Trooper with
        the plates, SRF RAT.

        shaka 'Bro

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