FIJI anyone been?

FIJI anyone been?

Post by webmaste » Tue, 16 May 2000 04:00:00

Can anyone been to Fiji n has any info/recommendations/warning they can

im joining a windsurfing course there for 2 weeks in june, but will get
there 2 weeks earlier.

thanks people!



FIJI anyone been?

Post by Paul Truscot » Tue, 16 May 2000 04:00:00

Let me guess, you're going to sail with Warren Francis at Wananavu?

Some info on Fiji.

The best time to go is now. There's great slalom sailing in Bligh Water
which is the stretch of water between Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Warren
Francis, is running a session out of a resort called Wananavu which is out
of a tiny town called Raki-raki. As far as I know he used to be based out on
Nananu-i-ra which is just a little offshore, but has moved onto the mainland
for some reason. I'm not sure if he still sails off the island each day or
whether they sail only from Wananavu. Bligh water gets reliable wind.

We choose to stay at Plantation Island resort on Malolo-lai-lai which is
about 14k off of Nadi. You get the resort environment but also other
options. There's two resorts on the island and a good beach bar, a couple of
independent restaurants, two stores, and did I mention a good beach bar
(everything Fj $2.50!). And Plantation has a golf course! Only 9 holes, but
makes a good diversion. You might also get the chance to beg/plead/bribe the
guys out at Namotu to let you visit for the day.

Alternatively you could lump up the cash and stay at Namotu or Tavarua.

If you prefer to base yourself on the Mainland, theres not much wind in Nadi
because of the mountains. Vuda Point gets clear air and has a small resort
called First Landing. It's got a good restaurant, small pool and bar, plus
is beside the new marina which also has another bar. You could blast out to
Aqualand from here and reach a few of the other islands without too much

Sonasali supposedly gets good wind too but I haven't sailed there yet.

For waves (if you're based on the Mainland) you really only have the C***
Coast or Suva. Stay at any of the resorts from the Fijian down to Hideaway
and have a car. The first break is Natandola which
is a very public beach and reachable by a train from the Fijian. The train
has a bar on it which is a nice way to relax on the way home. Beats the
drive too.

The Fijian has a good break and a nice slalom spot as well. I've no idea how
much it costs to stay there, but it is very much a resort and would be good
for the wife and kids. It's got a small golf course too.

Next along is Sigatoka Rivermouth. It's the most popular break for locals
and tourists. The put in is a bit hard to get too, but basically consists of
finding the sawmill amongst the sugar cane on the seaward side of the
highway between Pacific Green furniture and Sigatoka town. There's a little
store by the track that sells Fiji Bitter (look for the sign). Follow the
track past the saw mill till you reach the river mouth. If you reach the
cemetary on the point you've gone to far. There's flat water sailing in the
river, and waves on the other side. Not much fun for the family though. (as
a sidebar; avoid sailing here after a big rain. There's things that go bite
here from time to time)

You can have good flat water sailing all the way along this coast, but just
watch the tide. I spent a week down there getting only an hour a day in,
cause of the way the tides were set up. Remember the trades don't blow much
before 10 and give out at 4. Also it gets dark kind of early during winter,
and this reef is not a great place to hang out at dusk.

Suva is best avoided at all costs. Visit a dentist or go have somebody stick
nails in your eyes. You'll enjoy yourself more. On the other hand the bar at
the Yacht Club is good fun and they do a pretty mean chicken curry at the
cafeteria. Other than that there's no reason at all to bother. I grew up
there and don't miss it one bit!

There's bound to be great sailing in parts of Vanua Levu especially up at
Udu Point. I've seen a mega wave up there off of the old bauxite mine, but
it is a major trek to get there. You'd have to rent a boat in Labasa and
it'd take a day to reach. There's *** all people up there so camping
would be the order of the day.

Taveuni has a surf break but I've no idea what it's like.

If you want to do some Surfari type travel, a guy called Matt Light runs
trips out of Suva. Talk to the gang at Viti Surf Legend in Nadi too. Between
them they can sort something out and offer better advice than me.

Gear wise you can get spares from Tradewinds Marine in Suva. They're just
off the Main road in Lami. I've had gear delivered to Nadi and paid the
courier for it before, but not sure if they still do that. Viti Surf Legend
in Nadi has surfboards, clothes and stuff, but didn't have any windsurfing
gear last year at least. As far as I know, there is no hire operation
available yet. The resorts do rent stuff, but it's mostly longboard kit, and
pretty tired at that!

I hope this info is of help, and my apologies if it's a little overkill.

Cheers, PT.


>Can anyone been to Fiji n has any info/recommendations/warning they can

>im joining a windsurfing course there for 2 weeks in june, but will get
>there 2 weeks earlier.

>thanks people!