Buffalo/Western New York Area Windsurfing Events - 1995 Schedule

Buffalo/Western New York Area Windsurfing Events - 1995 Schedule

Post by Robert Muffl » Mon, 10 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Buffalo & Western NY Area Windsurfers (plus those of you visiting the area):

The WESTERN NEW YORK WINDSURFING ASSOCIATION is presenting a full slate of
events for 1995, including sailing picnics, races and Wednesday sailing get-
togethers, to name a few! Whether you're an experienced sailor or would like
to learn the sport, the WNYWA has something for you.

The best way to learn more is to come to our Spring Meeting on Wednesday, May
24th at:

                  The Dock at the Bay Restaurant
                        3800 Hoover Road
                     Bayview, NY (Hamburg)
                         Dinner - 6pm
                         Meeting - 8pm
          There'll be RAFFLES and DOOR PRIZES...everyone there
             will have a chance to win some great windsurfing

You may join the WNYWA at reduced dues between now and the May 24 meeting.
ALL members get to to use the parking lot & beach at the Dock at the Bay
WHENEVER THEY WANT TO SAIL! See Membership Application below.

                    WNYWA 1995 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS
                   Subject to change due to weather

Date         Event                    Location                  Contact
Sat.- Mon.  Niagara River Rodeo      Fort Erie, Ont.            Curtis Sport
5/20-5/22   (w/Toronto Windsurfing Club)                        Connection

Wed. 5/24   WNYWA Spring Mtg.        Dock at the Bay            Curtis Sport
                                     3800 Hoover Road           Connection
                                     Bayview, NY                716-627-2247

Sun. 6/11   Opening Sailing Picnic/  Lake Erie Beach            Curtis Sport
            Beginners' Clinic        Evans, NY                  Connection

Wed. 6/21   1st Wed. Sailabration    Dock at the Bay            Bill Cihak

Sun. 6/25   5th Annual Claddagh      Derby, NY                  Curtis Sport
            Open Windsurfing Race                               Connection

Sun. 7/16   Dock at the Bay Day      Dock at the Bay            Greg Graesser
            Race/Patio Party/Volleyball                         716-627-4381    

Wed. 7/19   2nd. Wed. Sailabration   Dock at the Bay            Greg Graesser

Sun. 7/23   Hideaway Bay Race Series Hideaway Bay Restaurant    Curtis Sport
            Race 1                   Silver Creek, NY           Connection

Sun. 8/13   Sailing Picnic           Lake Erie Beach            Curtis Sport
                                     Evans, NY                  Connection

Wed. 8/23   3rd Wed. Sailabration    Dock at the Bay            Al Gold

Sun. 8/27   Hideaway Bay Race Series Hideaway Bay Restaurant    Curtis Sport
            Race 2                                              Connection

Sun. 9/10   Lake Erie Beach Picnic/  Lake Erie Beach            Curtis Sport
            Race                                                Connection


So, with all this activity, what are you waiting for? Join WNYWA NOW! And, be
sure to come to the Spring Mtg., May 24!

Print out the application below & mail with your check to:

                        c/o 4276 St. Francis Drive
                        Hamburg, NY 14075
                    WNYWA 1995 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

NAME(s)______________________________________________________    Circle one:
                                                                  NEW MEMBER
STREET_______________________________________________________     RENEWAL

CITY______________________STATE/PROV._________ZIP/POSTAL CODE___________

PHONE_________________________(Home) ___________________________(Work)
WNYWA DUES:   paid by May 24:   paid after May 24:    
 U.S. Funds!    Single_____$20            _____$25    
                Family_____$25            _____$30  

Make checks payable to WNYWA and remit to:          
WNYWA, c/o 4276 St. Francis Drive
Hamburg, NY 14075

Years Windsurfing______ Circle one:  NOVICE  INTERMEDIATE  ADVANCED

For more information on the WNYWA, contact Doug Curtis, WNYWA president, at

Robert Muffley
Niagara Frontier Chapter
American Society for Public Administration