WWW site for Northeastern US & CAN

WWW site for Northeastern US & CAN

Post by Marc Kristopher Gui » Sat, 18 Feb 1995 10:53:22

It's been a while since I posted this.  Visit:


It should be of interest to any Northeastern sailor, because it contains a
206-page hypertext document, the Northeastern Windsurfing Site Guide, which
has detailed listings for 151 sailing sites in NY, New England, New Jersey and
Southern Quebec & Ontario.  A hypertext table of contents makes it easy to
get around, despite its size.  (BTW, I'm always looking to expand; if yor
favorite site isn't listed, or if there are aspects of your favorite site not
noted, please e-mail the additional info to me - directions to do so are
included in the file.)

There's lots of other first-generation info, too, including newsletter articles
and classifieds for the club.

Following the ABC material is a pointer list to other interesting windsurfing
servers around the world, organized geographically.  Again, additions are
always welcome.  Rather than the usual pointer list, each link has includes
a brief explanation about what is at the other end.  Access to _lots_ of
weather info, too.

Let me know what you think!
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