Les Iles de la Madeleine

Les Iles de la Madeleine

Post by Helli.. » Sat, 14 Mar 1992 04:38:15

    I went to the Magdalen Islands last August to compete in the "Pro Am
Des Iles". To get there you have to take a 6 hour ($150/car return) ferry
from Prince Edward Island or fly, which is kind of a hassle, but well worth
it. The winds were great, (30-45+ knots) although they weren't as consistent
as they're usually supposed to be (it was windy about every other day).

     There are many sailing spots all along the long (60km) narrow (.5-10km)
islands that are joined together by a sand dune with a highway on it. There
are often good (logo - mast high) waves, and there's good slalom sailing, and
an incredible speed site on the lee side of a low sand dune at 120degrees off
the prevailing wind direction.... Wow! Not a ripple. The people are great,
and most of them speak French. The accommodations are pretty cheap, and the
food is fine although all of the reastaurants are the same (pizza, chicken,
pasta "au fruits de mer", and chinese. (?)). There are about 15,000
"Madelinots", and they were all pretty e***d about the event.

     Oh, if there are any racers out there, I think that you should consider
coming out next year. The competition was good (most of the top Canadian
sailors, as well as some from the Carribean, and Scott Trudon and Mike
Gebhart. There was a $20,000CAN purse, that was split between speed and slalom.
There was no wind for the waves. The slalom was good, with about 8 rounds of
single elimination run. Very challenging conditions. The speed wasn't so windy
(20 as opposed to 35-45 knots) but was still FAST! I got a little lucky in
that and caught a nice puff and ended up winning, which was kinda nice. The
waves would have been great, had we done them... Maybe Mother Nature will
cooperate next year.

      Well, I'd better run, but I'd be happy to answer any questions.

  Hang Loose!

Big Wave Dave.

PS: It's about a 16 hour trip from Boston, if all goes perfectly.
   It took under 4 days (driving) from Vancouver.


Les Iles de la Madeleine

Post by ra.. » Mon, 16 Mar 1992 04:52:14


>     I went to the Magdalen Islands last August to compete in the "Pro Am
> Des Iles" ...

TSN (The Sports Network) is currently showing that event. It was on
today around Noon and I saw it last week as well.