AndyBrandt/Dasher/Eddie P instruction in Hatteras (ad, kind of)

AndyBrandt/Dasher/Eddie P instruction in Hatteras (ad, kind of)

Post by MTVNewsG » Wed, 11 Apr 2001 03:15:20

I was a student in this clinic last year...learned a lot and had a great time
(I was there for the warm part of the week, for those of you who froze
earlier!)  I suggested to WS Magazine (the sponsor of the clinic) that they
publish this year's info here.  In the end, I do it myself:

Andy Brandt, Dasher, Eddy Patricelli
Maximum of 5 to 1 student to instructor ratio.

* 3 days of instruction on and off the water.
* Personalized gear recommendations.
* Nightly video analysis from Dasher.

Windsurfing topics covered:
Harness usage, getting in your footstraps, beach starts, waterstarts,
Light-wind jibe, planing jibe, duck jibe, shortboard freestyle, chop hops, wave
sailing, flat-water loops, earlier planing, light-wind upwind technique,
handling overpowered conditions, rigging tricks, increasing your speed and

April 12,13,14
April 15, 16, 17
April 19, 20, 21

Where: Waves, North Carolina. The launch site at the Hatteras Island Sail Shop.
Approximately 2 hours, 15 minutes south of Norfolk International Airport.

Housing is available. The magazine has rented some fine homes to provide
single-occupancy rooms.

Call WindSurfing Magazine travel department at

to reserve a place.

3-day clinics: $375.00 clinic only.
$525.00 clinic with three days lodging.

For anyone interested in instruction who has not taken a lesson from any of
these people, let me (or others in this NG who have) tell you:  These guys are
great windsurfing instructors!  And while Andy Brandt can also be accessed
through ABK clinics, Dasher only leaves Aruba to instruct once per year, at a
clinic on Long Island, while Eddie Patricelli left his teaching gigs in both
the Gorge and Aruba to work fulltime for the magazine.