Cya @ Wind Tracks Wave Bash/Downwind/Speed Check: June 19-29

Cya @ Wind Tracks Wave Bash/Downwind/Speed Check: June 19-29

Post by WTRACKS » Mon, 16 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hi All,
Been windy for dayz in Pistol River/Curry County, Southern Oregon Coast
and forecasters see no end in sight (North Pacific High has moved in to

SummerSesh '97 is June 19-29. It includes:
1. The Pistol River Wave Bash, Thursday, June 19 and goes thru the 23.

2. The S. West Downwinder, June 24, from Gold Beach to Pistol River runs
with two classes (a race and a fun run, about 7 miles), open to everyone
who can sail moderate to windy Gorge/Bay etc.

3. Floras Lake Speed Check runs June 26-29, 45 minutes north of Pistol
River, along the coast. Beautiful lake with camping, B&B and hotels 10
miles south in Port Orford.

We have confirmation that returning champ Chris Wyman will be there. Also
Australian and former women's world champ Jessica Crisp. Other world class
wave loopers/slashers showing their stuff are: Maui's Kai Katchadourian,
Jason Prior, Pascal Hardy, Sean Aiken, Matt Haut, Jonah Lepak (all top
finishers at '96 Bash).

This year's event is also more geared for spectators. Remember, there's
lots or area to windsurf downwind from contest site, so you can watch, go
sail, and watch some more.

June 19: The registration gather is to be held in Gold Beach, Ore, at
Soaker's coffee house from 6-9 p.m.
June 20: Wave Bash starts at The Rock, Pistol River. Salmon feed and Band
that night.
June 21: Bash continues, Taco feed that night.
June 22: Sunday Wind Tracks Brunch at Feeter Ranch 9-noon, Bash continues
at noon.
June 23: poss. make up day (though it's never been needed)
June 24: Dana Miller's Rash Bash skatesail exhibition, then  the
S. West Downwinder, 7 miles from Gold Beach to Pistol River. Meet at S.
Beach Parking Lot, Gold Beach.

Email me for info, but I'll be out at contest prep much of week. So just
show up and remember what the good old days of*** with the crew was
Cya, Clay Feeter/Wind Tracks magazine