Prestwick REport (SCotland)

Prestwick REport (SCotland)

Post by Jim Munro x24 » Fri, 10 Jul 1992 05:52:34

Well I just returned from a 2-3 week visit to England and Scotland
primarily to attend my son's wedding, but as we were due to stay a few
days in Prestwick, the famous Firth of Clyde windsurfing spot we both
looked forward to some sailing here.

Well in a word, it sucked. Or at least it didn't blow. Not even slightly.
I took my wetsuit, my harness, and my bootees a total of 14,000 miles tog
get skunked. What a drag.

On the other hand it may be for the best. Even with my experience of sailing
through the San Luis weed and tye dreaded Santa CRuz kelp, I"m not sure I could
manage to sail through the floating tampons and other sewage which unfortunately
so prevalent. It's a shame to let such pristine sites get ruined by pollution.

Organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation in the States have been
modestly successful as an ant-pollution pressuer group, and I strongly
encourage you SCots to do what you can to highlight this problem.

Jim MUnro

Still in love with Scotland but now excluding the Ayrshire beaches.


Prestwick REport (SCotland)

Post by Greg Hilt » Tue, 14 Jul 1992 18:46:31


There is a pressure group in the UK called Surfers Against Sewage, would it
be ok if I printed and mailed you memo to them?