Monterey Bay Sanctuary Chumming Ban

Monterey Bay Sanctuary Chumming Ban

Post by Jaime Corde » Fri, 14 Apr 1995 04:00:00

For all you procrastinators (including me), a reminder that tomorrow,
Friday, April 14, is the end of the extended period of comment on a
proposed ban on chumming in the Monterey Bay Marine National Sanctuary.
It's too late to write, but you can still use the FAX machine !!

I won't go into all the arguments against chumming in areas populated
by surfers and windsurfers, but I urge you to get on over to the
FAX machine and make your voice heard. You can also get on the
mailing list for further notices by calling Elizabeth Moore at the
voice number.


The Monterey Bay Marine National Sanctuary (MBMNS) [the largest US marine
sanctuary which is located along the California coast from approximately San
Simeon (South) to the San Francisco area (North) and out 4 to 6 miles from
shore] is proposing to restrict or prohibit "attracting sharks by chum or other
means.".... "Comments must be received by March 30, 1995.[Note: this
has been extended to April 14]" (Federal Register; Feb. 28,1995 15 CFR Part 944)

Fax comments to:

Elizabeth Moore, Sanctuaries and Reserves Division
Nation Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
1305 East West Highway, SSMC4, 12th Floor
Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910

Voice: (301) 713-3125
FAX:   (301) 713-0404


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