Advice wanted on Sails & Location's

Advice wanted on Sails & Location's

Post by Dan(The Watersports M » Fri, 01 May 1992 20:54:08

Hi There!

No doubt someone out there can help me with a few questions.

I'm planning a trip to Europe this summer with a friend. We are driving his car and are
going to have about 3/4 weeks abroad. We have made preliminary plans to visit the Alps
for a few day's skiing and maybe a couple of canopy 'flights'. However, the main aim of
the break is to windsurf. I'm at present sailing a Tiga Jibe (290cm) with my friend on
a Vinta 340. We are looking for some good locations to sail, mainly along the South
Coast of France but also into Spain as well. I think we will probably pay a visit to
Lake Garda (Italy) & If the driving goes well, maybe even, Tarifa (Spain). Does anyone
have any good infomation on suitable locations, or experiences they would like to

I'm also intending to buy a small sail, approx 3.5 - 3.8 Meters, and a good quality -
hard wearing clamp-on boom before we leave. Does anyone have any useful infomation or
test results for this gear that they could share with me?

Please mail me personally with any replies, or forward them to the Net if they are of
general interest.