Gorge Ken Winner Speed Trials

Gorge Ken Winner Speed Trials

Post by due.. » Wed, 30 Sep 1992 14:48:39

I was in Vancouver on September 24 and I dropped in (I called first...)
to see Rob Mulder at Robert's High Performance Sailboards.  Rob was
frantically putting the finishing touches on a wicked little speed board since
a big blow was being forecasted for the Gorge and he wanted to be there for
a crack at 55 mph on the Ken Winner speed course.

Anybody hear what happened in this regard?  Up 'till the time we talked,
Rob Mulder's best time was 48.8 mph and his pal Bruce Peterson's best time
was 50.2 mph (if I recall correctly...).  Both were using stock Sailworks sails
and Peterson's time might have been on a stock Roberts 8'6'' slalom board
(I'm quite sure that's what I heard).

If anyone has heard more, I would like to hear about it...

Randy Dueck