Carbon masts: A few Q's

Carbon masts: A few Q's

Post by David San » Sat, 07 Mar 1992 21:29:29

I'm starting to think about possibly buying a decent slalom sail; it
seems that such things are begging to have a carbon mast shoved up their
luffs. Here in the UK we don't seem to have quite as much choice as over
in the US, and the biggest seller is the pryde range (which I understand
are made by fiberspar). These are pretty expensive things, so here are a
few questions:

* Is the new C25 'wave' any good? Can one put good slalom sails on them
(eg the prydes for which C60/40 are recommended) and get away with it?
 Do these "wave" carbon things really last anyway (ie can I throw out my
 old epoxy mast?)

* Who makes the Gun's carbon masts? These are pretty cheap by comparison,
but are they up to the job.

* What brands other than the above (and North's) are imported into the UK?
  (I have seen quite a few brands mentioned in previous threads that I
   have never seen over here.)

I have never even tried a carbon mast, but it sounds like they are ***ive.
I just thought it might rekindle my interest in slalom/blasting in 5.5-6.0
conditions. For you information, I currently use (and have for the last
4 years) a rotho superwave, which weighs a ton (so I am told), but won't
go snap in a hurry.