Windsurfing Birthday song Parody (Miss American Pie)

Windsurfing Birthday song Parody (Miss American Pie)

Post by JefWNDHN » Thu, 21 Jul 1994 07:09:01

I am trying to write a (windsurfing)parody of the song 'Miss American Pie"
by Don Mclean.  It is for a surprise Birthday party this weekend.  I stuck
on some lyrics...any help appreciated...Jeff

Patricia's Ballad
(to the tune of "American Pie")
(with apologies to Don Maclean)
by Jeff Bunch

A long, long  time ago,
I can still remember,
how the big winds changed my life.

And I'd vow that come some day,
that I'd return to San Fran Bay;
and maybe  if I'm lucky...with a wife.

But before we can be together,
there's something she must deliver...
she cant have my heart
'til she can waterstart...

I can't remember if I cried,
when I was learning how to jibe
but she cant be my blushing bride
'till she...can jibe.

So, fly...high...oh, Miss Sherman Isle
Come to sunny Rio Vista ,
wont you stay a while.
And good ol' boys were riggin' 4.5's,
singin, "This'll be the day that you jibe...
This'll be the day that you jibe."

Did all right with the girl I love
shes got everything that you can think of
if you ask I'll tell you so...

And do you believe in Camber'd sails?
Do you check the wind without fail?
And don't ya hate when you go real slow...

But one day she learned to sail a board
her interest in  Rio Vista soared
she loved the Crissy ebb tides
and could waterstart from both sides..

She was a blond-haired blue eyed bronkin' buck
With a Mistral edge  on a Nissan truck;
and if she dont run outta luck,
some day, she'll surely jibe.


now for eight months she's been on her own
Oh, so far away from home
and from friends and family...

she made the move from that East Coast
with her man she loved the most
that move didnt come that easily

You say that she's in love with him
so why cant he use her pointer fin.
she wants a carbon boom
their truck's run out of room

While jeff left for work in the dark
patricia nailed her waterstarts,
her turns were closer to the mark
the day...she jibe

(slow)[end of song]
She ' marrin' a guy who plays the blues
and asks him for some jibing clues
he hooks in and sails away...

[he said]"you must fall a thousand times
before you'll do planning jibes..
but if you fall I'll marry you anyway...

[two verses of slow here, the the refrain twice then end]