Was NP VS WH Boom Now Old vs New Sail Design

Was NP VS WH Boom Now Old vs New Sail Design

Post by Jaime Torre » Wed, 18 Nov 1998 04:00:00


> Does 1/2 an inch of boom flex really matter when modern sails to begin with
> are made to twist at a progressive rate when any gust hits them. In fact I
> bet your sail will twist before you AL boom flexes!

The theory of modern sail design is to maximize lift (good power) to
drag (bad power) ratios by flatting out the draft, increasing sail area
and improving twist characteristics. This changes make the sail "feel"
less powerful. many are, in fact, less powerful for any given sail area
but more efficient.

> the modern evolution in sails is focused on twist and controlability


> while assuming  most sailors weight less than 160 lbs and don't like to be fully
> powered.

Quite the opposite. Most designers assume the sailors are like their
world cup team riders, 200# plus. On wave sail design I might add that
NP desiger Nils Rosenblad (sp?) designs sails for light weight team
riders like Jason Stone differently than those designed for heavy weight
Bjorn D.

> Now us heavy weights are scrambling to find older more powerful
> sails since these days if you are over 180 lbs you have to sail at least a
> half meter larger sail (mostly full meter) then but 5 years ago.

Size is not the issue. A modern 5.8 might feel like a older 5.3 but its
rangier and easier to handle and better in lighter winds. That is why we
can now have 6.5 and 7.0 wavesails and go wave sailing in 10 knots or less.

> the added movement into useless square topped sails that just twist and
> weather vane in any puff,

Tight leached sails felt draggy and top heavy. Most people would agree
that the newer sails are better but this is pretty subjective.

> heavy weights are shut out of wanting to buy modern sails.

as a windsurfing dealer I have not found this to be the case.

> Who wants to sail a large boomed 5.8 when an older more powerful 4.7 can do the job with a

shorter boom.

if you can find and older 4.7 that can do the job of a modern 5.8 buy it
at any price.

> The big beer bellied crew is use to wrestling heavier loads so most would rather trade

power for controlability

its to be easy for me to suggest maybe you didn't have the beer belly
before and that is why the older smaller sails felt more powerful.

>. I'm consistently passing people weighting 50 lbs less than
> me on smaller early 90's sails and getting upwind faster to get on the waves.

you are obviously a good sailor

>. Some modern sails have gotten so ridiculous that they have added
> roach outside the battens... what's that all about

That's what i want to know. Which specific sails are the ones with roach
outside the battens?

> ... making a 5.8 into a 4.7 in functionality.

Are we going backwards?:0

> BTW I'm buying older sails, Neil Pryde Combat Wave up to '92 or earlier (no
> mylar)

You mean no monofilm

... drop me some email if you want to sell any in good shape!
I'll see what I can find!


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