Hatteras trip report

Hatteras trip report

Post by Zephy » Wed, 02 May 2007 05:16:41

Hey Folks,  just got back from a week in Frisco, NC and wanted to post about
my trip.

well,  after missing the week that was with the Nor Easter,
I wasn't sure what kind of weather we would have for our annual hatteras

Turns out, we got some pretty nice weather.  Best ever weather almost.

Perhaps the wind got blown south the week before, and had to have an equal
and opposite reaction the following week,
whatever the case, the 30's and 40's temps of the week before were ancient
history by the time we arrived on Saturday the 21st.
weather was 70's all week and good consistent sw wind.

Saturday I sailed 7.5 for about an hr in the morning before checking out
windfest in the aft.

I got to demo the new Apollo, Serenity, and Phantom.

  Liked the Serenity a great deal.  It was fast for the no wind conditions
that existed by the time I got a run.  No footstraps,  no harneslines,  just
good fun.  with a 6.6 Hucker and 7-8 mph breeze the serenity was nice.
even recorded 12mph on the gps with it.

The apollo was a different story.  with some quicktune adjustable
harnesslines that I couldn't get to stay short enough, an 8.5 race sail in
no wind, and a 40 cm weed fin it was hard to judge.  I pumped it onto a
plane once,  but, couldn't stay there due to the harnessline issue.
planing in 5 knots?  maybe,  but the big sail and 75 cm fin are as important
as the board imo.

The phantom was interesting, but, I didn't "get it" I guess.

That was Saturday

Sunday was no wind, but a good time to get settled into the house we rented
and to check out the shops.

Monday I sailed a 10.5 down to a 7.5 as the day went on.
no one else was out on "big stuff"  but many joined later when the wind
picked up enough to allow smaller sails.

Tuesday - Thursday were all good solid S to SW winds sailing 5.5 on my 100
ltr board.
got lots of jybe practice in.  My goal was to plane out of a jybe.  came
really stinking close.. my sail flip is still to slow.

Friday started out 6.5 and ended up overpowered 4.5 I blew the 4.5 apart and
headed back in.   By the time I sailed back out on my start  with the cooler
for "refreshments" the wind was dropping on the rest of my group.  The
cooler on the start is a golden idea though.  I might look into an anchor
too.  (windsurfs equivalent of the party barge?)

Gavin in a previous thread "hatteras this week (jealousy)" posted some pics
and vid clips from the previous week.  When we got there, it was quite a
different story,  one of his vid clips "channel on Sunday" shows the same
area we were using as a flat water speed run.

top speed for the weekend was 31.7 mph  with a 5.5 and 100 ltr board.

It was a great trip scoring sessions on all but 1 day.