US Open Results -- please, post them...

US Open Results -- please, post them...

Post by Dimitar Bojantch » Thu, 28 May 1998 04:00:00

Whoever organizes these events or has access to information -- can
someone post them results. C'mon, I've never seen another sport where
getting information is so hard -- it's like pulling teeth. At every
level -- either the PWA, the US Open now, or even at the local
level... It's all just hearsay... One has to constantly find the right
people to ask and talk to five different guys in order to assemble
incomplete information... Or wait two months to read the stuff in a
magazine when it's long gone out of memory.  Wonder why the sport is
sinking into obscurity and sponsorship is dwindling... This clumsiness
to get this important stuff done is just infuriating and I'd not be
surprised if it reflects on the overall state of affairs.  I know why
that is -- too much time on the water does that... :-)


P.S. Recently, I did write (nicely) to the PWA and volunteered to scan
and put their result sheets on the WEB, on my own time, quick and
simple solution on the interim until their get their act together --
not an answer, not an aknowledgment, nothing resembling anything
professional in the "so called" PWA. I mean it's embarrassing...


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