Windsurfing in JAPAN

Windsurfing in JAPAN

Post by Brian G » Mon, 15 May 2000 04:00:00

Hello everyone
I was just recently asked to relocate to Japan by my company (of course I
agreed, after all I am single) but I picked up windsurfing a year ago and go
out every chance I get and need to know the following!

Does anybody know of windsurfing spots in Japan near UTSUNOMIYA (about 3 hr
drive NE of Tokyo).

Also; I would like to know the following:
1. What kind of sailing conditions prevail(flat water with 1~2 foot chop is
all I have sailed on).
2.  Laws governing sailboards/sailing.
3.  Equipment cost and popular boards for the prevailing conditions (should
I buy in the US or Japan?)
4.  Any other information or contact information would be greatly

I would describe myself as an advanced beginner:
I have transitioned from a long board to a short board.
I have learned to water start the short board and now am learning board
handling.  (it is like starting all over compared to the longboard).