Beginner - Please Help / Advice

Beginner - Please Help / Advice

Post by QA-1 » Thu, 01 Jul 1993 03:41:23

I am an absolute beginner, who after many years of hard work is finally
able to spend some time doing it.

I have done some surfing in the past. I am from Brasil, and should be
returning home
sometime in the winter (here, over there summer is ethernal). I would
like to take
home a good board and sails.

I would appreciate help/advice with the following points:

1) Is there any good introductory book/manual on boards, sails, technical
etc. ?

2) I am 6 feet tall, 130 pounds. What kind/size of board/sail should I
get ? Do I
need a harness (if that's what you call the thing to help you back) ?
Should I get
two sail sizes ? What is the basic equipment ?

3) Should I get lessons or is it better to do some learning on my own
before ?

4) I live in the Washington D.C. area, and have been   renting boards from
a store that has a facility at the Gunpowder Falls State Park, north of
( I forget their name ). Is there any place (by the water) in D.C. where
to rent
boards, or have lessons ?

  Thank you for any help.

Roberto Motta


Beginner - Please Help / Advice

Post by John Caulfie » Thu, 01 Jul 1993 04:54:21

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        Dear Roberto,

                Yes, there are several places to rent equipment in the DC, MD, DE
area.  First in DC where there is a lot of humidity and light winds there is the
washington sailing marina that rents board and gives lessons.  Second, there is
Dewey Beach and Ocean City where there is generally more wind than DC with several
shops by the water that rent windsurfing gear.  This is about two hours away from
Baltimore.  Look in the telephone book and you will find several windsurfing shops
that also do rentals if you have access to a car rack.  Third, arguably the best place
in the East is the Outer Banks of NC where there is excellent winds, and very good
conditions all over. You can call the operator in North Carolina and ask for Kitty Hawk
Sports/Rentals 1(919) 555-1212.

                Good Luck,

                John T. Caulfield