Lake Champlain, VT?

Lake Champlain, VT?

Post by Steven Seli » Sat, 02 Jul 1994 07:19:34

Ok, so I might have spelled it wrong, but does anybody have any recommendations
for windsurfing at Lake Champlain, in Vermont? I'll be staying on the big
island in the middle, about an hour north of Burlington.



Lake Champlain, VT?

Post by Victor Adl » Sat, 02 Jul 1994 22:35:07


I am posting here because your e-mail is bouncing on me.

I am from there area, but while I was there I wasn't much of a windsurfer,
but I do know some of the spots.
First of all, there are a buttload of spots. It seems that there
is always wind somewhere. It can be dead calm in one place and
screaming in another maybe due to venturi, I don't know.

Since you are going to be in the islands, I will tell you about
the popular spots near there that I know of.

#1 Sandbar state park in south hero. As you head out to the
islands you will pass over a causeway. Look left, look right,
water all around you. On the right side is the park which costs
$3 (last year) to park. It will be mayhem on July 4th if it is
warm. You may pick a side depending on wind direction. Weed fin
is advisable on the right side, crucial for the left side unless
you head upwind into deeper water. The park has a rental shop
that could help you out.

#2 White's (sp?) beach in South Hero. There tends to be much
more chop and sometimes swell. People try to loop there. The parking
is locals only, so you will need to unload and move the car elsewhere
if it is crowded. I think the direction here is SW W NW. You will
need to ask the locals for directions.

#3 The Hatch. This is the state fish hatchery in either So. HEro or
Grand Isle. Ask for directions. You can see NY about 1.5 mi away.
PRetty removed. Can't remember the good wind directions.

#4 Keeler Bay on the other side of the island from the hatch. You may have
look hard for a launch area there. I think preferable wind direction
is N, Nw, Ne.

Boy, I can't believe that's all I know in the islands. I would be interested
to hear what other people say. As far as temps - if you're tough, you can
go with just  a bathing suit otherwise a shorty to full leg/short arm
suit will keep you comfortable. Booties are a must because of rocks and
clams. There are other spots, but they are at least 30 minutes from the
islands. I have never seen a sailing spot too crowded.

Hope this helps,


Lake Champlain, VT?

Post by T MANNIN » Sun, 03 Jul 1994 15:21:34

Steve, I'm assuming that you are staying in or near Grand Isle, which puts you
in a great location for sailing.  Depending on when you are there, there are
several places to try.  Windsurfing has plenty of enthusiasts here, and I think
you will enjoy it if it blows.
On a true northerly wind, try Sandbar beach, a State Park, with great a
access.  This will be an onshore wind and will take a few upwind reaches to
get out of the crowds, but the unobstructed wind is great!!  This beach will
allow reaches of around 2 mi, max.  This place is also good for beginners
especially in the later season; due to lower water levels, shallow water
extends several hundred yards out.  On a windy day, this place is hopping.
   Oops, rumor has it that they are nown issuing stickers that must be bought,
but I'm not sure yet.  Anyways, this access is perfect for south or south-
westerlies.  Again, mostly on or side-on winds.  Deeper water, but stay away
from close to shore as there are some pilings I've heard.
        Also the south side of Sandbar ( It is located on a narrow causeway)
will offer south wind sailing, and it is free :-)
        Sandbar - I89 north to exit 17 I think, it says Champlain Ilsds.
 then go left and follow the road several miles.  State park on right.
        White's follow this road past Sandbar and then ask directions.
Well there are two good sites for the most common winds.  You could also try
St albans which is farther north. State PArk(south wind) Burlington, or
Plattsburgh on the New Yok side.  When you get here, ask around.        
        I sail Hatteras twice a year, many times at the Cape, been to the
Gorge, and I must say that when the wind blows, the conditions are SWEET!.
        Possibly we'll meet during your visit, I'm sailing new UP race sails
and Bic baords (until it really picks up!) And I'm out there quite often.

                Good Luck - hope this helps,   TED