Wanted ASAP: 460cm, MCS 25-27.5 mast

Wanted ASAP: 460cm, MCS 25-27.5 mast

Post by Mike Eglingto » Sun, 13 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I broke my one-and-only mast at Coyote Point today. So, I need a new one
fast: I want to sail tomorrow if possible, especially since the mast broke
after 3 gybes, just as the wind was getting up, and I was starting to
enjoy it: I was really po'd.

I can't afford a new one, but as the subject says, I need a 460cm long,
MCS 25 to 27.5 mast. All offerings will be considered, but I would prefer
a carbon 2 piece mast if I can get one. Oh yes, and strong!! I will come
and fetch it.

How it happened:

I was about 3/4 mile out, on my Stinger and 5.9 Waddell mono-slalom,
sailing towards shore, well-powered, good speed, but just sailing, I don't
even think I hit any chop, let alone jumped, and it just broke, right
below the boom... apparently it was an explosive fall.

The self rescue was uneventful. A friend stopped and helped me kind of
organise the stuff; we just took the top half of the mast out, and rolled
up the top half of the sail. Then I started swimming. Of course, the sail
came unrolled (I had line but didn't think I needed to use it). As I was
trying to reroll it, it billowed out into a spinaker/tube like affair,
which was in fact allowing me to sail across the wind. So I held on and
half swam, half body dragged to the windline, where the spinaker collapsed
and I rolled up the sail properly. Then I sat on top of everything and
used the top half of the mast as a paddle: worked quite well actually. The
friend gave me m***support by sailing up occasionally and checking on my
progress, which helped a lot.

Why it happened?

It was a Red Fiberspar 430cm, MCS 27.5 mast with a 45cm Red Fiberspar
extension. Kind of long, I guess, but the FiberSpar owner's manual says
45cm is the maximum allowable extension. Besides, Fiberspar made the
extension, and it wasn't at its full length. Surely they wouldn't make it
too long for their masts?  Never-the-less, the only explanation I can
think of was that the boom was too low. (It was a North clamp-on boom and
I was using the mast protector.)

Let me know by email or phone if you have a mast to sell.


Michael L. Eglington

Tel: (415) 497-2316