Hatteras conditions last weekend 1/28-29

Hatteras conditions last weekend 1/28-29

Post by Glenn Woode » Wed, 01 Feb 1995 02:51:45


>Hatteras conditions 1/28-29:


> So that makes 3 weekends in January, not bad. Would have been 4
>but had to work one of them. Hope February temps are as mild.
>Hope I can get this much sailing time in July.



Thanks for all the Hatteras updates you have been giving us.  I hope to be down
there before too long.  Keep it coming.



Hatteras conditions last weekend 1/28-29

Post by TWMARRI » Wed, 01 Feb 1995 18:36:51

> Sunday wind N 18mph (as per NWS, but I think it was more toward
> 20-25), temp 50, water temp 48, mixture of sun (ahhh) and clouds
> (brrr). Used a 5.2 (maxed) on the 8'7". Ocean too far off-shore
> (for winter) at the cove and the north beach was knee high and
> mushy. Settled for the hole where I could find other sailors.
> Sailed about 3hrs with Brad, Mark, and Jim (where were you Tom)

The weather didn't look all that great when I woke up early sunday
so I went back to sleep! At 10.30 when I finally did get up, turned

felt preety stupid. :(

 I am going to have to put another frame under my trailer, no big
deal, metal fatigue got to the original. over a thousand miles a
month was just too much for that light weight frame.

 any how I got three January weekends in also....