Help - refinishing an old board..

Help - refinishing an old board..

Post by Pete C. Mooe » Sun, 04 Jul 1993 03:40:53

I'm in the process of refinishing and old (`87? ) F2 sunset. I'm
looking for advice on what to use for painting the beast.

( I blew out the finbox a year ago & I'm finally getting around to
fixing it.  1/4"-ply stringers that run 3+ in longer then the box, with
lateral supports. All of this running through the board to just under
the top skin.)

I've heard that some poeple use standard automotive Enamel, others
use advanced Enamels like Imron. And still others use 2 part
gel-coat. I've used gel-coat before and it is a pain for small
jobs like this. ( I'm going to paint the top and bottom.)
( I've done automotive type painting & have the equipment. )

I also plan to do a lot of finish sanding between coats to
even out any dings/ scratches.

I plan to use a pastel or white to avoid sun/heat damage.
( A sinker like this doesn't get used a whole lot here in
big sail country..)

As long as I'm going through all the pain is there any great
way to replace the anti-skid ?
( Not necessairly better then Redeck. Or any process to enhance
its effect ( large salt crystals in an epoxy overcoat ? ))

I just wanted to know the consensus of the net.

If there is interest I can post a summary.


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