last notice- BABA race this weekend

last notice- BABA race this weekend

Post by marc rose » Sat, 09 Jun 2007 19:55:51

The Baltimore Area Boardsailing Association is holding its Spring MAS
(Mid Atlantice Series) race June 9 & 10 at the Hammerman Area of the
Gunpowder State Park system.  See for details, NOR, directions,

Even if you don't want to race, come on out and join in the fun.  Demo
gear from EZZY and HiFly will be available to suit any wind speed or
sailing skill.  If you get there before the end of registration time
you can buy lunches and or dinner too, without the race registration
fee.  Check out the details in the BABA link.

Also, the most importantant feature- We're looking forward to the 15
to 20 from the North predicted for Saturday.

Hope to see some new Mid Atlantic windsurfers at the BABA event this

"Get your shoes and socks on people, it's right around the corner."