Foot strap help on Long board???

Foot strap help on Long board???

Post by Randall Raine » Wed, 19 Feb 1997 04:00:00

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I was sailing, a Fanatic 370cm Light wind race board  with neil Pryde

7.0 warp speed sail with 3 camber inducers, today in the Chesapeake bay

to get it to plane and in to the harnes but not the footstraps.  When I

tried to get into the straps the tail of the board sank and slowed down

alot till <splash> down.  

  I am using the foward set of footstraps as I am not that good at it

yet.  It seems that if I get in to the straps I will need to be unhooked

from the harness.  The harness seems to be at the right balance spot on

the boom as it needed little nudging when I did lean into it and took my

mid or fartherest back setting to achieve the plane.  Most of the time I

had the Center board up.  In attempting to Jibe I was unable to initiate

the carve or even get the board to round toward the jibe point when

trying to use the foot steering.  This may be because I'm not in the

straps but I'm not sure.  

My question is was the wind too light even though I did achieve the

planing?  Is 15k just on the boarder line to get into the straps???  Is

it easier to get in to Footstraps on a Shorter board?

Any suggestions????  would be greatly appreciated.



Foot strap help on Long board???

Post by Rick Purvi » Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:00:00


Sounds like you may have been just marginally planing.  I'd suggest you
just need to go faster to get in those rear straps and make footsteering

When planing in the front straps, concentrate on using your legs to push
away from the board and consequently sheet in.  That should help.  Then
practice until you're good in the front straps.  It'll come, trust us.