Sailing BBS in Chicago IL

Sailing BBS in Chicago IL

Post by Laughlin Hugh » Sat, 27 Jun 1992 18:42:00

            Announcing a new BBS for sailors in Chicago Illinois!
          Ship to Shore OIS Chicago has just launched.  The number is

            1-708-670-7940.     FidoNet node number  1:115/670
            24 Hours a day, seven days a week.  12/2400. 8/N/1

         FREE, for all mariners, and sailing Clubs and Associations.
                    The Skipper in Chicago is Jeff Hasz.

         Ship to Shore is a marine-specific network for the sailing
      community.  Member systems are afloat now in Toronto, Vancouver,
      Victoria, Portland OR, and now Chicago, with about 1,000 sailors
      aboard the net (and climbing fast).

         Fair Winds!
          Laughlin Hughes
          Skipper, Ship to Shore OIS, Toronto  (Est. 1989)

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