'99 F2 256 wave experience ??

'99 F2 256 wave experience ??

Post by Windsfr0 » Thu, 19 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Just placed an order for a  '99 F2 256 wave.  I would love to hear from anyone
who has ridden this board especially those who has taken part in WS mag
review.  I weight 175 and intended to use this board with an ezzy 5.5 How well
will this combo works ? Since I have a '95 Axxis 258 and a '96 250 wave, will
board be good enough to fill the space in between the two ?

Oh yeah, any advices or comments from 254 wave owners is very welcome.

P.S.   This board is on backorder, I still have time to change my mind.