Windsurfing Instructional Tapes Wanted !

Windsurfing Instructional Tapes Wanted !

Post by Gareth William » Fri, 11 Mar 1994 05:11:32

In the UK we have a series of videos produced by the Royal Yachting
Assoc. (RYA). The one you are probably want is called Turning Point. It
covers, tuning the rig, Waterstarts, Carve Gybing, Duck Gybes etc. I find
them very good, I am justing doing water starts now having learnt through
the video. I think there is about five videos in total covering virtually
all aspects.

I am currently using a 3.45m board but looking around for something a bit
shorter as a first time short board. Probably about 2.90m. Any ideas

Gareth Williams

Ballygowan, Northern Ireland


Windsurfing Instructional Tapes Wanted !

Post by Thomas M Kroeg » Sun, 13 Mar 1994 12:40:09

: Hello out there !

: I need your help in locating some good video tapes on how to make a short
: board really work for me. I would like tapes on Jibing water starting wave
: jumping and plain good tips on how to stay out of the water.  I have both
: a Beta and a Vhs VCR.  Any help in locating these videos would be greatly
: be appreciated.  I am in Ottawa Canada and it still is winter here.  If I
: get the tapes soon enough I will have time to mentally rehearshing the
: movments on land before the summer comes. Thanks for your time and help.

When I was starting out I went though several tape and the ones
I found the most ntoeworth where the "Intermediate short boarding
technique" from hood river. The first one has some good tips on
water starting and jybing.  The instruction broke each move down into
key components and provided through instruction.  The sequal (II) was
also quite good (jumping and high wind).  Even though these videos
were quite good I found Ian Boyds videos to be exceptional!!!
  1) Tricks of the trade  2) Airborne
   Both of these video's cover more advanced manuvers such as
table tops and loops, but the technique of instruction is what
he calls "Instructional Imagery"  not too many word, just some
key points (eg. pushing off the top of the wave).  
   He takes the approarch the it's far more the feel and confidence
that enable you to make the move.  I really felt this one not only
improve my skill but the fun I got out of the sport!  It starts a bit
hokey with Boyd doing a Rap (good thing he's such a good windsurfer), but
the video's a great watch.  I watch it in the mornings before I go out,
to get psyched!  Even if your skill is nowhere near that level (mine's
nowhere near) it's still a great help!


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