AllStar 62's Damaged on offer.

AllStar 62's Damaged on offer.

Post by » Thu, 30 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have just recieved 2 All Star 62's both of which were damaged and will be
repaired, dammage is not sufficient as to claim for new boards from the
shipping company so only the repairs will be paid for.
1 board has a small puncture in the side on the deck if I repair it it will
cost $1099.00 or you can do the job and get the board for $1039.00
The second board has a compresion crack on the hull about 10" long, if I
repair this board it will cost $1059.00 or you can do it yourself and get it
for $959.00.
Both boards come complete with straps, a fin wil cost you $100.00 for a Fins
46 or 48 Trap Race.

I will accept reasonable offer on both boards.
So please contact me if you have one.


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1-414-652-5434 Outside Us or local.
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