Another lesson learned...(duck jibing a 6.5 Retro)

Another lesson learned...(duck jibing a 6.5 Retro)

Post by Wolfgang Soerge » Fri, 03 Jul 1998 04:00:00

[duck jibe through 6.5 Retr]

> So now I'm waiting for the sail to be repaired (Bill Sostek here in the East
> Bay promised it back by the weekend :) ) and writing on the blackboard: I
> will never again duckjibe a big slalom sail! I will never again...

Would be a sad conclusion. In my experence sails around 6.5 aren't big
ar all for duck jibing, contrary, it's ussually easier than with very
small ones (at least for me it took one more season for consistent
duck jibing on small gear after having learn it on the 6.5).
NOw at over 7.5 it start's getting big for these kinds of manouvers for
me (but still worked alwys when i tried) but i found i don't need and
like these monsters anyway.

One tip to reduce the chances of getting the mast stuck in the water
is not to grab the boom at the very end when ducking but about as
far behond the back hand as your hands are normally apart on the boom:
The mast is higher over the water and the rotation is quicker since
the mast tip is closer to the rotation axis.

You could rip any sail doing any kind of manouver but i'd think one
should not let take fear of damaging gear let take away having fun.
If you try to hold on to the boom in case something goes wrong
there normally only is a small chance of equipment damage.

Keep on shredding.
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