Maui GPS V-MAX Speed Challenge Series: #1

Maui GPS V-MAX Speed Challenge Series: #1

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June 18, 2007

Maui, HI -- The first  Maui GPS V-Max Speed Challenge took place
Friday  off of Sprecklesville Beach, Maui. With easterly winds gusting
to 35 knots  and all afternoon to sail some very high speeds were
posted considering the choppy conditions and  2-3 ft wind swell.
Anders Bringdal set the highest speed of the day with a blistering
37.7 kts through the upper sprecks breakers,"I was unhooking once I
was up to speed  because it was too freaky".  Jaques Pauvert was 2nd
at 37.2 kts right before taking a massive over the front perl-crash.

Anders Bringdal said, "I saw Jaques crash and it was the nastiest
thing I  have seen in a few years".  Third was windsurfing legend
Robby Naish at  36.6 kts, again through the breakers and with the
occasional 20 ft  high long jump much to the delight of everyone in
the beach.  Alex  Aguera  stopped in after work missing the strongest
wind but still posted a 36.5 kts for 4th after relentlessly working
the upper reef.  In 5th place event organizer and 2 time world record
holder Erik  Beale at 35.3kts. "I tacked up to secrets but only got 1
run in before  getting atomized". A broken boom & buckled board ending
his day.

Fastest wave board rider was Dennis Vanderpanne at 29.1 kts. He is on
Maui for a windsurfing vacation and could not believe his luck at
participating in a speed challenge with his hero  Robby Naish. Kai
Lenny was the only pro kid, motored to a 27.8 kts  and was stoked to
get some runs in. Fastest Women was Sprecks massage guru Twila Folden
at 22.0 kts.  "I was too scared to go any faster".

All in all everyone was happy, with a relaxed atmosphere and a format
that allowed people to do as many runs as they liked and come and go
as they pleased,they could still participate even if they had work
commitments.  Potentially up to 6 more events will take place through
June / July.

        Name                    speed -Knots/10 sec
average              gear / pro/amateur

1  Anders Bringdal
37.7                                        speed - pro

2  Jaques  Pauvert
37.2                                        speed - am

3  Robby Naish
36.6                                        speed - pro

4  Alex Aguera
36.5                                        speed - pro

5  Erik Beale
35.3                                        speed - pro

6  Peter John
34.4                                       slalom - pro

7  Matt  Daniells
32.8                                       slalom - am

8  Mike Warmuth
32.1                                       slalom - am

9  Dennis Vanderpanne
29.1                                        wave - am

10  Martin Mischler
27.9                                        wave - am

11  Nathan Corridon
27.9                                       wave - am

12  Kai Lenny
27.8                                       slalom - pro kid

13  Tom Hammerton
26.8                                       slalom - am

14  Alan Taylor
26.7                                        wave - am

15  Nicolas Stritt
23.8                                        wave - am

16  Twila Folden
22.0                                        wave - am

17  Robert Kluijtmans
21.3                                       wave - am

18  James Fosbinder
20.6                                        wave - am

19  Stephanie Mischler
19.6                                        wave - am

20   Nicola Taylor
19.1                                       wave - am

The Maui GPS V-Max Speed Challenge Series, is a new speed series
organized by two time world speed record holder, Erik Beale. This
Speed Challenge Series differs from the Navman Speed Series in that
this series is ALL about TOP SPEED, your V-Max. This series is also
not tied down to any one location, but to a number of locations,
depending on the conditions. The Maui GPS V-Max team is going to be
scouting the best speed sailing location on Maui in an effort to break
the 40kt barrier set by the previous speed series.The location of the
speed sessions are not pre-planned but are announced with 24-hour
notice, and there is a SPEED HOTLINE that you call to find out WHEN
and WHERE it is happening (808-283-3588). The spees sessions will last
from noon time till 6pm to give people a chance to get off work and
make it down to the beach to put in some speed times. Hosted by Erik
Beale. "The goal is to break 40 knots open ocean, so we are looking
for the fastest 10 second stretch of water off of Maui. We will be
using gps set to 10 sec interval as in the Navman series last year."
Sailors who are expected to participate include the fastest from
thelast two years of the Navman series : Anders Bringdal, Erik Beale,
Alex Aguera, Jaques Pauvert and Robby Naish. There are no set heats or
anything, people can do as many runs as they want and stay as long or
as little as they like.

For the latest news and results, visit our website at: