*** $100 To Anyone Who Helps Me Sell Windsurfing Equipment ***

*** $100 To Anyone Who Helps Me Sell Windsurfing Equipment ***

Post by Will E Est » Sun, 30 Sep 1990 06:29:54

I have an extremely high-quality set of windsurfing equipment that
I need to sell, and I'm willing to extend a deal to anyone who can
help me sell it.  I'll pay a $100 commission to anyone on the net
who can help me sell all the equipment as a bundle deal, and I
will pay up to half of shipping costs to anywhere in the U.S.  I
think that shipping costs for all of this equipment will be about
$80, so use that as an approximate guideline.

This is top-of-the-line equipment, and it would make a fantastic
deal for someone who wants to make a serious entry into the sport
of windsurfing.  For purposes of gauging just how good a deal this
is, Sea-Level Sports in Burlingame (415-348-7873) is selling just
the board (no sail, no mast, no boom, no wetsuit, no mast
extension) for near the price I want for the whole damn rig!  Call
around and ask other dealers...no one has anything close to this
quality of equipment at this price.

For someone who wants to get serious about this sport, this is
equipment that you will be able to use for a long time, even after
you have moved to a short board.  Read WindRider's early 1990
review of course boards where they make the argument that every
serious sailor should have a course board as part of his or her
quiver of boards.

For Sale:

Bic Bamba Course Board.  Great course racing board (comparable in
price and quality with Fanatic's Ultra Cat). 1989 model.  Used,
excellent condition.  $500 or best offer.  This is less than
dealer cost and it's a great buy for a beginner or for someone who
needs a course board to compliment their quiver of boards.  Retail
price on the board alone is $1295.  See the favorable reviews in
WindRider magazine.

O'Neill Reflex Windsurfer Wetsuit.  Full length suit with
removable arms.  Windskin material and padded knees.  Black with
yellow sides.  Used, but in excellent condition.  Size: large.
$120 or best offer.  Retail price is around $225, and you would be
lucky to find this suit on sale in a store for under $150.

6.4-5.7 Multi-Sail.  Monofilm two-piece slalom sail that can be
used as either a 6.4 or a 5.7. 1989 model.  Used, excellent
condition.  A great sail for traveling if you don't want to be
burdened with taking a whole quiver.  A great sail for Shoreline
park.  $200 or best offer.  The lowest street price on this sail I
have seen is $250.

15'1"+ Aluminum Mast.  $70 or best offer.

Windsurf Hawaii Mast Extension.  Comes with Gorge Technology base
adapter.  Extra Long mast extension.  $35 or best offer.

Nautix Clamp-On Boom.  Fantastic aluminum boom with extensions.
Can rig anything from 4.0 - 7.0 (with the extensions). 1989 model.
Used, excellent condition.  This is the best used boom you are
going to find anywhere.  80+% of professional windsurfers use
the Nautix boom.  $110 or best offer.  Best street price I have
seen on this boom is $160.

I am willing to sell the items listed above individually, but I
prefer to sell them all at a package price of $950 or offer.  Contact Will
at 408-446-0387.

Will Estes        (sun!portal!cup.portal.com!Will)