Masts, Booms, Base wanted.

Masts, Booms, Base wanted.

Post by Steve Made » Sat, 03 Nov 1990 02:48:12

If any of you folks have and old mast or boom that you have
outgrown (in skill) I am interested in buying some stuff.


I am looking for a Windsurfing Hawaii or FleetWood mast base
that will fit a Chinook universal.

Anyone with a stiff Al mast that they want to unload is
encouraged to reply.  I have found a new Serfiac 7.4 DIN
mast for $130.  If you can beat this deal, let me know.
BTW does anyone know if those masts that Serfiac made for
OBrein (the ones where the top stores away inside the bottom
half) are as good as their other masts?

Also I would like to get 4.3 - 4.6 m^2 sail.  I don't expect
to use the sail very much at all so I would like to get one
cheap. ( ~ $120 ).


A friend of mine needs a mast and boom (he just bought my
old OBrein "Nimitz class" Competitor).  He's just getting
into windsurfing and has a low performance board so any old
glass mast will do (I broke mine by rigging incorrectly
a couple of months ago).  Also he needs some reasonable booms
(adjustable preferably) which can handle the 6.0 RAF sail
that came with the board.  Low tech is the key word here.
He's looking to pay around $50 for the mast and $40 for the
booms.  The mast needs to be 15 - 15.5 feet and the booms
need to be 6' - 7' adjustable.

I am also in a sailing club that teaches beginning windsurfing.
They need masts and booms as well.  Any booms that they buy
must have a clamp-on head however.  (Preferabley Chinook).
Once again, cheezy masts will do fine but they would consider
a good one for a reasonable price.