Wearing contacts while windsurfing

Wearing contacts while windsurfing

Post by Walt Men » Wed, 04 Apr 1990 05:00:02

I have been sailing for a number of years now wearing contacts and would
not go without them.  My sight is much better than with glasses and I
have had very little problems.  In salt water they work great.  I think
the water acts much like saline solution for eyes.  I have never lost
one.  In fresh water they sometimes stick after I get water in my eye,
I then stop and reposition.  I don't know why they only do this in fresh

I do have two week "throw aways" which are good to protect from eye
desease from contaninated water.  If you don't clean regular lens
regularly you could have a problem.  

I also wear UV protected sunglasses which should be worn by all
regardless.  The sun and reflection are not good for the eyes long term.

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