Windsurfing Mag pics

Windsurfing Mag pics

Post by Dan Drisco » Thu, 26 Mar 1992 04:59:27


>Despite the recent rash of negativism about the Windsurfing rag, I was duly
>impressed with the cover shot and the centerfold. Now *that* is Real Man's(tm)
>surf sailing! :-) Kinda reminds me of Rich Meyer getting gobbled by that
>double-mast-high wave on Massive Monday of the Aloha Classic II. Awesome!

And how about the Gaastra ad with Mr. Naish on pages 18 and 19?
Is that real or what? The surface of that wave/mountain is glasslike and
it looks to measure 4 or 5 mastlengths in height. Man, that burns me.:-)

Waiting for wind and warmth in "Not so Swell" City.