Help fixing Tiga mast track

Help fixing Tiga mast track

Post by Dave Ba » Sat, 12 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I was hoping to get some advice on fixing or replacing a mast track on an
older board. I have a Tiga "Fun Cup" (mid-eighties model) that is not usable
because the sliding part in the mast track is worn out. Thus, the mast foot
will not lock in to the track. Is there any place where I could get mast track
parts (or an entire mast track assembly) for a board of this vintage? If not,
does anyone have any creative ideas as to how I might "jurry rig" it?

Help fixing Tiga mast track

Post by Savel » Fri, 25 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I'm not sure I had the same problem, but on my 1990 Tiga Swift my mast
base would routinely pop out.  What I ended up doing is replacing the
stock mast base/car with a block of aluminum that fits inside the mast
track.  I drilled a hole through the block of aluminum and glued the nut
that came with a standard ART base to the underside of the aluminum block.

This allowed me to use my ART base in the tiga mast track.  It made for a
very solid fit.  The only downside was that I forfeited the sliding track
ability using the mast pedal.  This wasn't a big deal for me since I
rarely changed position of the mast while sailing anyhow.  I could still
adjust the mast base using the more traditional shortboard method of
taking the mast off, unscrewing the base one or two turns and sliding the
base to its new location, tightening it and plugging the mast back in.

Maybe this helps... it worked for me.