Summary- Need advice on buying a board & rig.

Summary- Need advice on buying a board & rig.

Post by don hus » Sun, 21 Mar 1993 06:16:51

  Thanks to people who resonded to my request for advice. I made my
purchase today, and don't have buyer's remorse.  Yet.
  Here's what I got:

1)  Rock vs Astro Rock:  Most people, including sales people,
recommended the astro-rock because it is more fun and easier to jibe.
I got a 1992 astro rock, especially since I already have a "big
board", and if the wind is really lame: water ski.

2) Cheap sails:  Though most of the advice I got was "get a used,
expensive sail", or "Hood River is pretty good", I got the Topsails.
I would have preferred to get the Hood River, but Windsurfing Express
was out of 1992 astro-rocks, and couldn't beat the deal that I got
from Sailboard Warehouse.  I saved about $350 by going with S.W.
instead of W.E. which can be applied to another sail if the Topsails
are inadequate.

3) Sizes:  The salesmen were of the opinion that a 1.5m spread was OK
for large sails. I got a 7.5 and a 6.4, with the intention of getting
a 5.0 later if necessary.

4) Windsurfing Express vs. Sailboard Warehouse.  I went with Sailboard
warehouse.  In addition to having better package deals, they also had
a very well done and informative catalog, which gets bonus points.  
The salesman seemed better informed and less likely to give me bogus
information in order to make the sale.  The sales guy at Windsurfing
Express came on like a used car salesman, using high pressure sales
tactics like:  Writing up the order even though I made it clear I was
still in the browsing stage (and then complaining about it when I
said I'd shop around), making silly or untrue comments about
competitors (like: "the color scheme on a 93 Bic board is worth the
$200 over the 92 price." or "The resale of a 93 will be much higher
than a 92"), and, the sales tactic that will always kill a sale for
me: "This price is only good for today.  I can't make this deal

  Adding it all up, I did get about 25% off the a-la-carte prices
in their catalog: I paid $1675 for $2275 worth of stuff from their

Don "waiting for the lakes to thaw" Husby.