Hatteras Trip Report

Hatteras Trip Report

Post by GarLeona » Thu, 31 Mar 1994 12:33:01

Administrator) writes:
>corner John's z80....

Yep, his wind machine is pretty cool.  Nice guy.  It sure helped me select the
right sail size!

My Hateras Report:

Arrived 1:00pm Wed. 3/23 - Sailed Canadian Hole on a 5.0 on 9.0 board.  SW,
warm 20 to 25 mph

Thursday 3/24 - Sailed in small ocean waves, kind of fun, mostly pwered on the
same set up, same SW winds.  Nice weather - 70's!

Friday 3/25 - Started on a 6.0, got slammed, went back to the same 5.0, same SW
winds, warm weather.  Went down to a 4.4 (should have stayed with 5.0), and
promptly left at 2:30 ish when cold front with NW winds blew through.  Should
have stuck around, but I had beer to drink, and shrimp to eat at the Froggy

Great time, good sailing- nice weather - I couldn't ask for more for three days
of sailing!  I'll be back.