carbon content vs weight vs response

carbon content vs weight vs response

Post by Kubu » Sun, 08 May 2005 05:05:52


I found there are masts that are 75%C are light 1.9kg
and such 75% that are havier like 2.3 kg. Example (powerex Z-Free
is 1.9 but Z-Taper is 2.3 - all in 460 size, or a Challenger SDS 85%C
460 from Italy that is 2.2).
I can imagine that Z-Taper is more durable then Z-Free, but at what cost in
performance (I'm 70kg and want to use it with 7.5-8.0 sail)? Do the increased
weight sacriface a lot of comfort in gusty wind and early planing when pumping?
Is it something I need to worry when choosing the havier mast of such 75-85 carbon
content ?

Thanks !


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carbon content vs weight vs response

Post by wsurf » Mon, 09 May 2005 23:08:00

I only have a tangent comment. I got a 430 z-speed mast (made in Utah),
last year. I have not put a lot of miles on it so I cannot comment on
the durability, but it is sick how light it is! It rigs super sweet in
my Retro. It also feels very responsive on the water. The only beef I
have is, now I feel guilty sticking an aluminium base in it.