Mast Stiffness vs. Sail Performance

Mast Stiffness vs. Sail Performance

Post by Jack Fall » Sun, 19 Feb 1995 06:05:02

My understanding is that a heavy weight wants a stiffer mast than a light-

      but it is best to stick with manufacturer's recommendations.

Performance at the low  end may be better with a softer mast, but that
   can vary with the cut of the sail.

It is particularly important to have the right mast for some of the
newer high tech sails.  In the last few years the mast stiffness has
generally been decreasing somewhat. For Niel Prydes the new 7.5 sails use
a mast several IMCS numbers lower than those of two years ago.

I got a 1994 Street Racer and was disappointed in its performance at first.
I had hoped to be able to use an old mast and it just made the sail too flat
Getting a softer mast made all the difference.

My experience has been that using their (Niel Prydes) "ideal mast"
  recommendation  gives
  a much better handling and performing sail than the "compatible" choice
   particulary, with the larger sizes.

Jack Faller
Deparment of Chemistry
Yale University


Mast Stiffness vs. Sail Performance

Post by Marc Lefebv » Sun, 19 Feb 1995 02:56:25

        Would anyone be interested in discussing the over all affect of mast
stiffness on sail performance, and how it relates to the weight of the user?

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