AHD Convert 60 tuning advice

AHD Convert 60 tuning advice

Post by Bill » Sun, 12 Mar 2006 04:17:22

I have a 2003 AHD Convert 60. I am having trouble getting it tuned
correctly. I am 178cm tall and 65kg. I usually pull it out when winds
average around 18+knots.

Image of board and statistics:

The board doesn't have much volume in the tail and the tail is pretty
narrow. I've been using a 6.6 V8 on it with a 38cm SR6b fin but when I
get moving (and the sail really feels powered up) the tail spins out.
(I think it is doing this when I'm in chop and heading upwind -- the
only thing in the water is the fin? I know there has to be more to it
than that though.) I know this fin is larger than the recommended size
for this board.

I have a 6.0 V8 on order, which I expect will be the largest (most
powerful?) sail I will use on this board in the future. My other fin is
a 32cm freeride fin.

So my I guess I have two questions...

(1) What could I do better with the 6.6 and the Convert 60? Different
fin? Move footstraps around? Mast track?

(2) What would you suggest for a fin to complement the 6.0 and the
Convert 60?

I do plan on getting more freeride style sails for this board in the

Thanks, Bill


AHD Convert 60 tuning advice

Post by LeeD » Sun, 12 Mar 2006 07:14:25

  91 liters...
  Too much fin for sure.  Try a 30-32.
  6.5 is the biggest sail for that board, and about 4.7 is the smallest
that is comfortable on it.
  Guys up to around 175 can uphaul it, so it's a medium wind board.
  You don't mention your weight.


AHD Convert 60 tuning advice

Post by Bill » Sun, 12 Mar 2006 07:18:27

Thanks for the reply... actually, I did mention my weight at the top
(65kg). That's 140 pounds or so.


AHD Convert 60 tuning advice

Post by LeeD » Sun, 12 Mar 2006 07:44:44

  Oh yeah, I missed it amongst all that advertising going thru your
  At 69 kgs, that's the biggest size board I bother to carry, and about
10 liters bigger than I need to uphaul when the winds die to 3mph.
  SR-6B, I use 34 for 6.5 and sometimes 7.0 (on another board).
  Powered, I'm on Kinetic, TA, Finworks, or Tectonics 30's.
  For bump and jump, a cut down into 26cm blade
  For higher winds powered, a wave 8"er.

AHD Convert 60 tuning advice

Post by LeeD » Mon, 13 Mar 2006 14:36:28

  The reason a smaller fin is in order is because you are too
lightweight to hold down the board with so much lift from the SR-6b
that you use.
  Big guys can use bigger fins, but at 140lbs., some people would
recommend 28 as possibly the biggest fin you'd ever need, even in light
barely planing winds, but especially when you are close to overpowered.

AHD Convert 60 tuning advice

Post by Bill » Tue, 14 Mar 2006 07:35:59

Thanks LeeD. Sounds like good advice. I've always known that
lightweights use a different scale, but never knew what that meant for

I'll try to get my hands on some smaller fins for this board and see if
that breathes more life into it for me.


AHD Convert 60 tuning advice

Post by Bullroarer_Too » Wed, 15 Mar 2006 01:54:46


I have the F60, which is the same board.  I weigh about 83 kgs and when
I put a 6.7 on it I use a 34 cm fin.  While the board carries a 6.7 ok,
it's just ok... nothing special. In my opinion, this board excels in
the 5.5 range and especially at jumping.  I've never felt a board so
perfectly balanced in the air.  It also turns well and loves to surf.
I don't enjoy the board much in flat water.

It's not a slalom board, way too slow.  I'm a little surprised that at
18 knots and your weight you aren't on a smaller sail.  This says to me
that you are trying to use it for flat water racing, which isn't the
boards strong suit at all.


AHD Convert 60 tuning advice

Post by Bill » Wed, 22 Mar 2006 10:59:32


I'm not a jumper really. I'll bounce off a wave during a B&J session,
sure, but jumper I am not. I did get this board in the air once though.
And I agree it is does float well. I also love the way it jibes. I
enjoy it more in salt water, but with a 5.5, I have had fun on fresh
water with it.

You are right... I got this board as a high wind board with the hope
that it would fill in as a flat water board, but I was wrong. I've
since remedied this situation (Starboard iSonic 105). I'll keep my
Convert 60 for use with my 5.5, and I plan on getting a 4.7 for windier

I was out last week with my 5.5 and it was too much sail. ... and it
wasn't really THAT windy.