NPU, GUN sails

NPU, GUN sails

Post by felix.cabr » Thu, 05 Sep 1991 03:10:24

Those of you familiar with NPU sails or GUN sails please respond. I
especially would like to here from those who either own one or has
sailed one. Here's what I'd like to know.

What are the details of the NPU sails? Do they have a "racing" line?
By racing I mean do they have a light, strong, powerful sail line that
can be used in course/slalom racing events? What do you think about
the workmanship as compared to say North, Sailworks or other top sails?

For Gun sails, who out there has sailed or own the course/slalom race
sails (1991) line? I owned a 1989 course race and found that it was a
very good sail. I liked the "built-in" cambers as aposed to the kind you
have to "pop-in" when rigging. These cambers allow you to rig the mast
by slipping it in the sleeve much like RAF sails. There were no zippers or
openings near the cambers. Are the 1991 similar? How good is this new line
of race sails from GUN?

Thanx for any info!


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NPU, GUN sails

Post by Henrik Klagg » Thu, 05 Sep 1991 07:38:36

NPU was cheapie stuff in 1988, but they improved a lot. Very buyable.
The Gun sails from Germany ,if this is the company you mean, used to
make super-cheap junk. Looked very fast in the catalogue, but after
a little UV and water and wind: No good. Of course, they change designs
and material very quickly (and this sail was a 1989), so you might
be better off now.

Cheers, Henrik