Club Ed at Cowell Beach, Santa Cruz

Club Ed at Cowell Beach, Santa Cruz

Post by Truls S. Myklebu » Thu, 26 Aug 1993 06:03:17

I had a bad experience with Club Ed at Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz this
last Sunday. After bringing this up on our company 'windsurfing' alias,
it turns out that others have had bad experiences with them as well.
Club Ed does rentals and lessons, or at least they claim to do so.

I just wanted everyone to be forewarned. The mail thread from our
alias follows, with names of others deleted. My original mail message
is at the bottom.


> Subject: Re: Club Ed at Cowell beach

> Yes, my girlfriend .... and I did the Club Ed 8-hour thing this weekend.

> On Saturday, we worked mostly with Ed, and he was very impatient and rude.
> Out on the water, he would bark commands at us, on the verge of ridicule,
> and really stress us out.  He would take off for 15-20 minutes at a time.
> Basically, he's stressed from running his own business - I think deep down
> inside he's a pretty righteous dude.

> On Sunday, we worked with one of his "contractors", for lack of a better
> word: a most excellent human being named Jay Zimmerman (look for Jay in
> the current Ski mag as one of the boot testers).  Jay is incredibly
> patient and encouraging, stayed with us most of the time, gave us lots of
> tips and help, and was generally fantastic.

> .... and I are definitely hooked on windsurfing now, but we wouldn't
> recommend doing Club Ed unless they are guaranteed to work with Jay.

>                                            -.......

> Subject: Club Ed at Cowell beach

> In my first 2 years of sailing (last year, and the one before), I
> sailed a lot from Cowell's Beach on my own long board. I agree that
> the Club Ed people were a bit arrogant, but I didn't realize how
> bad they have gotten, nor how bad their equipment is.

> In anycase, in my first year sailing I took a 1 hour lesson on
> waterstarting, jibes, stance, etc. The instructor was an Irish guy
> who was really nice, and a good teacher.

> After reading this, I'll never recommend Club Ed again. Thanks for
> the info.

> Thanks, ...

> Subject: Club Ed at Cowell beach

> Truls:

> I have found no windsurfing rentals except for club ed on the SC side
> of the hill.  Ski shop santa cruz used to, but they sold their stuff
> to ed.  I too checked out the stuff for rent at club ed.  It is old
> ***that is not worth paying money for anyway, so I wouldn't worry
> about missing much.  The beauty of beginner rigs these days is that
> they are very light.  You can now get long stable boards that weigh as
> much as my first short board, and with composite materials and
> monofilm, the rigs practically uphaul themselves.  Ed has none of this
> stuff.  He is milking tourists from what I can tell.

>    -...

>   From trulsm Mon Aug 23 15:56:10 1993

>   To: windsurfing
>   Subject: Club Ed at Cowell beach

>   I was going to give my girlfriend another windsurfing lesson this weekend,
>   so we went to Cowell beach with the intention of renting equipment from
>   Club Ed.

>   I walked up to their stand, looked at their price list, and asked
>   "So, it's $35.- for a day?" The woman behind the counter looked at
>   me, and answered in a really sour tone "Have you windsurfed before?"
>   She had this really arrogant attitude, as if I wasn't even qualified
>   to ask her questions, or as if I had arrived at an inopportune time
>   and had disturbed her in her sunbathing.

>   I told her that I windsurf a lot, but that I wanted to rent a beginner
>   board to teach my friend who was still learning. I was then told that
>   they don't rent to beginners. Any attempt at getting around this seemed
>   futile, and she didn't volunteer an explanation for why they had this
>   policy. She was just being a ***.

>   It seems to me that most people who are beyond the beginner stage have
>   their own equipment, and that barring beginners from renting effectively
>   eliminates the bulk of their potential market. In this case the person
>   renting was even a very experienced windsurfer, who just wanted to teach
>   someone else. It didn't look as if business was booming for them either.
>   A handful of people were out taking lessons, but most of their equipment
>   was just standing there.

>   I have a feeling that maybe the reason why they don't rent to beginners
>   is that they want to give them lessons, so that they can charge more,
>   but this kind of policy is bound to backfire.

>   ....... and his girlfriend were among the people taking lessons, and
>   they were not overly impressed with Ed himself, but I'll let him elaborate
>   on that if he wants to.

>   So I figure that if they don't want my money, I'll just take it elsewhere.
>   Do any of you know of any other windsurf rentals around?

>           -Truls.


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Club Ed at Cowell Beach, Santa Cruz

Post by Kirk Lindstr » Sun, 29 Aug 1993 03:17:59

Sounds like they are in business as a tax dodge.

Kirk out