2006 US Windsurfing Nationals Maui NOR

2006 US Windsurfing Nationals Maui NOR

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US Windsurfing, the Maui Windsurfing Association in Maui, Hawaii,
cordially invite you to attend the 2006 USW National Championships to
be held Monday, August 7 through Friday, August 11, 2006 at Kanaha
Beach Park in Kahului.

This event is recognized and sanctioned by US Windsurfing as the 2006
National Championships. The Local Organizing Authority (LOA) will be
the Maui Windsurfing Association, for and on behalf of and under the
specified conditions laid down by the International Formula Windsurfing
Association (IFWA), and United States Windsurfing (USW).

3.      RULES
This regatta shall be governed by the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS),
the 2001/2004 Fun Board Racing Rules (FRR), and the IFWA Class Rules &
Championship Racing Guidelines as amended by the race committee.

The IFWA is a category 'C' class as set out in the ISAF Regulation
20 - Advertising Code. Competitors who have their own sponsorship are
asked to notify the LOA in writing of their sponsor. Competitors may be
required to wear sponsor vest and or sail stickers on sails.

5.      SAFETY
All competitors shall wear the event rashguard for identification
purposes.  Shortie Wetsuits may be desired however the air and water
temperature in August is warm in the 75-85F range. Maui winds are from
15 - 30 knots. The race committee will have sole discretion on
determining if the conditions are sufficient or safe to race.

All entries shall meet the requirements of the ISAF RRS Appendices
Section 2 - Part 2 - Appendix 2. All competitors must be current
members of US Windsurfing.  Competitors may register with US
Windsurfing on site.  Foreign Competitors shall be paid up members of a
National FW Assoc. or of the IFWC. National Associations shall be paid
up members of the International Windsurfing Association.

For the determination of the USW National Champions, the disciplines

Classes or a Division within a Class with five (5) or less competitors
may be combined at the discretion of the LOA.

Youth Men -13, Junior Men 14-18, Men, Masters 35-44,
Grand Masters 45-54, Senior Grand Masters 55+
Youth Women -13, Junior Women 14-18, Women, Women Masters 35+

Youth Men -13, Junior Men 14-18, Men, Masters 35-44,
Grand Masters 45-54, Senior Grand Masters 55+
Youth Women -13, Junior Women 14-18, Women, Women Masters 35+

Youth -13, ***        (charter available, first come/first serve)

Youth -13, Men, Women   (kit purchase available)

CHOOSING YOUR DIVISION:         A competitor must have reached the minimum age
limit, in the relevant division, by Dec 31st 2005. A competitor must
not be older then the maximum age limit, in the relevant division, by
Dec 31st 2005.  The Men and Women Divisions are open to ANY age group
will qualify for the OVERALL titles. (See Section 14. Awards)

9.      ENTRY
Entry Forms may be found on the LOA's web site
www.mauiwindsurfing.org or on the event website: www.mauinationals.com.
Entry Forms should be returned to the Maui Windsurfing Association by
mail or online by July 7th, 2005 to avoid late fee. The Entry fee is
$150, if received by July 7th. The Entry fee is $175, if received after
July 7th. Junior Entry Fee is $100, if received by July 7th, and $125,
if received after this date. Late registration and Check-In will begin
at 1500 hours and close at 1700 hours on August 6th, 2006.

*** Racing:   $150 / $175 late        (includes party/t-shirt/rashguard)
Youth/Junior Racing:    $100 / $125 late        (includes

Activities Only:        $50                     (includes t-shirt/rashguard)

Opening Party:  $35
                        --OR--     Combined Party Package:      $60
Closing Party:  $35

10.     SCHEDULE
Sunday, Aug 6   1500-1700 Late Registration and Check-In
                1800-2200       Welcoming Ceremony / Luau
Monday, Aug 7   1000-1100  Sailor's Meeting (Mandatory)
                1100-1700  Racing
Tuesday, Aug 8  1000-1100  Sailor's Meeting (Mandatory)
                1100-1700  Racing
Wednesday, Aug 9        1000-1100  Sailor's Meeting (Mandatory)
                1100-1700       Racing
Thursday, Aug 10        1000-1100  Sailor's Meeting (Mandatory)
                1100-1700  Racing
Friday, Aug 11  1000-1100  Sailor's Meeting (Mandatory)
                1100-1700  Racing
Saturday, Aug 12        1700-2200       Closing Ceremony and Trophy Presentation

Sailing Instructions will be available at registration as well as
published on the website by July 1, 2005.

Racing will take place at "uppers" at Kanaha Beach Park, Kahului,
Maui, Hawaii.  The Distance race will be from Kanaha to Ho'okipa and
back for the ***s, and to Spreckelsville for the Junior and Youth

The Low Point Scoring System, Appendix A of the Racing Rules, will
apply.  There will be one throw out in each discipline (except
distance).  The overall scoring will be weighted as follows:

        Course Racing: 40%      Slalom Racing: 40%      Distance:       20%

While we expect to have equal amounts of Course Racing and Slalom
Racing, three races are all that is required in each discipline to
constitute a series for that discipline.  The only exception is
Distance which will be a single race upwind-downwind race.  If course
racing is not completed, then Slalom/Distance will be weighted 60/40.
The same will apply if Slalom is not completed, Course/Distance will be
weighted 60/40.  If the Distance Race is not completed then the Course
and Slalom will be weighted 50/50.  Racing will take place at
"uppers" at Kanaha Beach Park, Kahului, Maui, Hawaii.

14.     AWARDS
Awards will be given out for the top three finishers in each
Class/Division/Discipline as well as:

USW National Champion           Open Men and Open Women
USW Formula National Champion   Formula Men and Women
USW Olympic National Champion   Olympic Men and Women

To qualify for the overall championships listed above, the sailor would
need to score in each discipline in the same Class/Division.

At registration the LOA intends to check for compliance with IFWC class
rule 2.6.-Identifications Marks. Competitors must register with the
sail number they plan to race with or notify the Race Committee in
writing of any changes before racing.

The following activities will be scheduled through the course of the
week for both racing and non-racing participants:

     Fishing Tournament:
On a windsurf board, share your catch and win a prize (10
     Freestyle Demonstrations:
New style and old school (open to all).
     Team Relays:
Kids, families, and *** age divisions.

These activities and more will be scheduled by the start of the event.
A fun time will be had by all.

17.     SOCIAL
Following sailor check-in at the Kanaha Canoe Hale, a Hawaiian Luau for
the welcoming reception is planned at the same location for all
competitors and their guests for Sunday Night, August 6th, as well as a
Closing and Trophy Ceremony on Saturday August 12th.

Although not part of Nationals, we did want to notify all sailors that
preceding the US Windsurfing Nationals is the Larry Libre Memorial
Fishing & Diving Tournament on Saturday, August 5, early morning if
sailors are interested in participating in or volunteering to help.

Also, following the US Windsurfing Nationals on Sunday, August 13, is
Race#3 of the Navman Maui Speed Challenge Series for those who wish to
test their speed against top speed sailors from around the world.  This
event is GPS speed sailing at its most extreme, with Fun and
Competitive Divisions for all.


2006 US Windsurfing Nationals Maui NOR

Post by bodne.. » Sat, 18 Feb 2006 03:28:27

What the maui one design all about?


2006 US Windsurfing Nationals Maui NOR

Post by carolynboer.. » Sat, 18 Feb 2006 20:15:34

Is there going to be a 'host hotel' with discount rates?



2006 US Windsurfing Nationals Maui NOR

Post by GeorgeUSA3 » Mon, 20 Feb 2006 05:39:14

I don't know about a host hotel, but I'm trying to find an airline
partner to help with a baggage allowance like they did for the FW
Worlds in Melborne.

2006 US Windsurfing Nationals Maui NOR

Post by carolynboer.. » Mon, 20 Feb 2006 08:23:26

Now THAT would be awesome!

2006 US Windsurfing Nationals Maui NOR

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It wasnt really that awesome as the airfare via singapore airlines to
melbourne from the US west coast was nearly 3x the other carriers.